Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Perspective is Everything

Have you ever noticed that you can feel out of balance, inadequate, and just plain bad about yourself and your circumstances one day and the next day be on cloud nine? Without extremely significant changes, suddenly life is rosy, you are blissfully happy, and you feel completely content and at home in your own skin and shoes! What is the difference? Perspective.

Today I am having one of those days where my life seems settled and on track. I have a wonderful and loving husband who is kind, gentle, handsome, nurturing and humble. Robby's willingness to put aside his own desires and pride to stay home with our son these last 2 years has been nothing short of amazing. Trust me, it is not easy for a man to stay home with the baby when he would far rather be working himself. However, it made much more financial sense for our family for me to be the one working and for Robby to be home until he enters his grad program this fall. I am so deeply grateful that somehow I found the man who was just the right fit for me. I am one of the few who loves and likes my husband. Robby's sacrifices for our family have deepened our bond, increased my respect and admiration, and helped our family move further down the path to achieve our goals. He is my forever (as cheesy as that sounds). With him, I will be able to attain higher degrees of glory and exaltation. He makes me strive to be better in all that I do and loves me for who I truly am. No pretenses, no pressure to change, no unrealistic expectations. All at once, Robby makes me feel truly loved for who I am and yet at the same time instills a desire in me to constantly better myself.

I have a precious son who lights up my entire world with his smile. I had no idea how ones heart could quadruple in size until I held Connor in my arms for the first time. It is truly awe inspiring how deep the love is between a mother and a child. He is my greatest accomplishment in life and has brought wonderful new dynamic and meaning to our family unit.

What is the difference between today and any other day? Perspective. We are here to be tested, to gain our bodies and to form eternal bonds one with another. Do five pounds or long to-do lists really matter in the grand scheme of things? Absolutely not (well, within reason). :)

I have the perspective of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This knowledge influences and directs every step on my journey through life. If I hold fast to this perspective, and make sure that my feet are firmly planted on my path, then regardless of life's challenges or perceived problems, I can choose to be truly and happy.

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